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this week. do your own homework, because it's not my america we're talking about. it's all of our america. it's your america. it's your children's america, and questioning your government is not only important, but in a democratic republic, it is required! so, if you're like me, and you see people on television, and they tell you the things that are happening, and it doesn't make sense, this week, sit down, grab a note pad and a pencil and come on! follow me. hello, america. this week, i am doing a special series of shows. we have called it a new republic, america's future, but for those of you who didn't have a problem with the old republic, i think this special is more aptly titled "reasonable questions for an unreasonable time." by the end of this week, i hope you will have a clearer understanding of what might be happening in washington. i don't know what's happening in washington, because nobody's asking questions and certainly nobody is giving you any straight eangses. you will have a better idea of what to do about it as well, but more importantly, you will begin to see that this i
after somebody apparently called in a tip to the tv program america's most wanted. fox show featured kristi cornwell's story over the weekend. here is video of her from 194. she was walking along a remote road in northern georgia talking to her boyfriend on the cell phone as the story goes when she reportedly just disappeared. the tip to america's most wanted kings mountain north carolina about 2200 miles away. we are told the tip is credible. u.s. marshals are now said to be searching that area. cornwell's family offering $50,000 reward for information to either her safe return. personal people tough fight in the 201020 congressional elections. right now they control both the house and the senate experts are predicting democrats dozens much seats in 2010. shannon bream life in the capitol tonight. >> midterm control the white house. however, with analysts predicting the democrats could actually lose in the neighborhood of 25 seats just in the house it would be an exceptionally pain year for them. they could go from 256 seats to 231 and the republicans from 178 up to 203. still leavi
% unemployment, a banking system that we thought was the pride of america that's now insolvent. the pride of the world in fact that's not basically insolvent except it was saved by government recently. i could go on and on. >> no, you can't. no, you can't. your reaching or five minutes, mr. madrick. [laughter] >> retail sales even recently kept going down so we are in trouble here. well what would you be told by the defense? you will be told what you have heard time and again. it wasn't capitalism, it wasn't on guided capitalism. it was government that told the berlin and investment bankers and commercial bankers to invest in risky securities that did not understand. it was government that told the banking system to set up a compensation system that rewarded people not to manage risk but to take too much risk. it is government that old people and all of these new mortgage brokers sell mortgages to people who could not possibly understand that even when you can't understand them because he will make a lot of money and i can go on and on. >> you can't go on and on. >> i could go on and on a
? these aren't any first editions are they? >> no. these are books that mr. and mrs. america and all the ships at sea could call for any of the reading rooms in the library of congress. these are all books in the library's general collections. the first editions will be in the rare book room. >> if somebody doesn't know about darwin and they want to start? >> well, they might want to begin with one of the magazine articles that has recently -- his birthday has spawned, nature, scientific americans, science. and you can see here we have books for the younger reader because a lot of younger readers are collectors as darwin was. and here are the rest of darwin's complete works. but there are a number of good biographies of darwin and one of the best is janet brown, who's at cornell. her two-volume work of charles darwin voyaging and charles darwin the power of place. >> how did you get interested in this? >> my first job was in trinidad with william bee bee who was the first man to go down under the ocean in a bathosphere and he was a collector and he loved a.a. mill and charles darwin. and so wh
cronkite. he was the most trusted man in america. he was the anchor for everybody i was voted down -- for everybody. i was voted down unanimously. they said it would look bad if he turns it down. so let's go to a more mainstream politician which we did. >> wanted to take walter cronkite would take the job? >> i knew that he was very much opposed to the vietnam war. six months before that, he had come back from vietnam and immediately called me and asked to see robert kennedy. the two of them thamet. he said that the senator had to run for president and he went on to say how they could not be one. -- that it could not be one. they would not like us less. kennedy said to him that he would run for president if you would run for the senate in new york. cronkite laughed and said that he could not because he did not live in new york, he lived in connecticut. secondly, he said he was not a democrat, he was registered as an independent. i knew he had those feelings about the war and he would take it seriously. he certainly couldn't out vote anyone else like to think of. >> that was 1968. >
the money comes from. >> federal aid? >> how is c-span funded? america's cable companies created c-span is that public service, a private business initiative -- no government mandate, no government money. . >> the main opposition party has a shadow team or shadow cabinet who breach the main government ministers. you haven't foreign secretary and in the shadow foreign secretary in the conservative opposition. it is his job to challenge him, question the foreign secretary, and potentially would hold the position of foreign secretary if he were elected in the next general election. >> most of the recent polls show the conservative party with a 15% lead. what role is foreign policy playing in british politics right now? >> foreign-policy has been high on the agenda because of their commitment currently in afghanistan, and before that, in iraq. the positions of the two main parties have not been hugely different. on both sides of the political divide, what you are going to see is a much greater degree of caution about taking on major overseas military ahead. you are going to see pressur
in america because that was right up to the time i finished writing the book. so i think anybody that reads inside the beltway i see that you have a paperback copy, it's on paperback now, will find a lot of humor is true tales that have been told inside washington that they will not have read anywhere else and just like "weed man" i picked out the finest stories like with the stored marijuana in the basements of churches and got more room on the island with 40,000 pounds of wheat and build a house out of the bales and i try to bring some humor to the beat which is what i've done. >> host: john, thank you very much. i've enjoyed this discussion and urge the few words to take a fresh look at marijuana smuggling and read "weed man." >> guest: thank you. i appreciate that very much. .. >> the soviet army and task forces in 1991 since published in russia in his book the icebreaker and in this book he argues a widely accepted theory regarding the origins of world war ii were erroneous. in his new book, it "the chief culprit" stalin's grand design to start world war ii" dr. suvorov furthers his id
presidentle candidate and my choice was walter cronkite. anchor for everybody. trusted man in america. and i was voted down unanimously. everybody said, don't be silly. he'll never accept. we'll look bad when he turns it down so. let's go to a more mainstream politician, which we did. >> why did you think walter cronkite would even take the job? >> well i knew he was very much apposed to the vietnam war because about six months before that, he had come back from vietnam and immediately called me and asked to see senator robert kennedy, and two of them met. i with us there and he began by saying senator you have to run for president because this wore has got to end and went on to say how unwinning it was. said we would win a village in the daytime and have to give it back at the night. vietnamese in the south may not like the north, but they like us less. i knew and kennedy said to him, well then i'll run for president if you run for the senate in new york and cronkite laughed and said i can't. we're closing the first place, i don't live in new york. i live in connecticut and i'm not a demo
foundation dedicated to promoting fiscal responsibility and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. good evening, i'm martin savidge. >>> the war in afghanistan. and tonight we want to take a deeper look at that conflict there from several perspectives you might not have seen, even though president obama has ordered 21,000 additional troops to afghanistan, america's military commanders are now saying that may not be enough to fight effectively against the taliban. yesterday, the chairman of the joint chiefs said the situation is serious. and it is deteriorating. that assessment came just days after afghanistan's presidential election, which continues to generate widespread allegations of fraud and intimidation as votes are counted. for americans, voting freely and without pressure is all but taken for granted, that is not the case if afghanistan. and to help you understand that, in tonight's "lead focus" we want to give you a firstland look what the some afghans faced just for voting in a remarkable piece of reporting of james base of al jazeera english. >> reporter: the t
, it was the lutherans' turn. the nation's largest lutheran denomination, the evangelical lutheran church in america, held its biennial assembly in minneapolis. and as kim lawton reports, church policy about gays and lesbians dominated the agenda. >> have no fear, we will pray! >> reporter: they prayed for unity. but disagreements over homosexuality were clear as delegates of the evangelical lutheran church in america-- the e.l.c.a. gathered in minneapolis this week. >> we cannot change god's law and we cannot change what is right and what is wrong. >> how about jesus saying, judge not, that ye not. be judged? >> if you're in favor of the amendment, vote one. if you're opposed, vote two. please vote now. >> reporter: there was vigorous debate about whether the denomination should lift its ban on non-celibate gay and lesbian clergy. at issue was a measure to allow local congregations to hire gay or lesbian pastors who are in lifelong, monogamous relationships. as of friday afternoon, a final vote had yet to be taken. >> it's certainly painful when people say that your relationship or your call are no
. very warm welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast here on pbs in america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. coming up later for you -- the changing landscape of china i joined energy needs. why the country faces a challenge on climate change. and the family way -- house success in japanese politics means having the right relatives. -- how successful in japanese politics means having the right relatives. hello to you. the obama administration announced a new units you interrogate high level terror suspects, supervised by the white house itself. this as new details emerge in the abuse of prisoners in the first years of the so-called war on terror. prosecutions of the cia and now look possible, but this brings on a new dilemmas. our correspondent is in washington. >> is renewed focus on the cia tactics is -- this renewed focus on cia tactics is creating headlines. leon panetta has said he is standing up for officers that it did what his country asked of them. some in the intelligence community feel that they are being made scapegoats for what they did in a time of national cris
and addressing keyconomic challees facing america's future. od eveni, i'm martin sadge. >>> the wain afghanistan. d tonight we want to ta a deeper look at thatonflict there from several rspectives you might not havseen, even though president obama has ordered 21,000 aitional troops to afghanist, america's military commanders are now ying that may not be enough to fight eectively against the taliba sterday, the cirman of the joint chiefs sa the situation is serious. and it deterrating. that assessment came st days ter afghastan's presidential election, whic continues to generate widespread allegations of fraud and intimidation as votes are counted for americans, voting freely and without pressures all but taken for granted, that is not the case if afghanisn. and toelp you unrstand tht, in tonight's "lead fos" we want to gi you a firstland look what e someafghans faced just for voting in remarkable piece of reporting of james ba al jazeera englis >> reporter: t taliban said th'd find the people who defied their ords and took part in the election. they are livinup to their word these ctures showe
with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v today. this is fios. this is big. >>> good morning, america. breaking news. an international man hunt ends. a reality tv star accused of killing his model wife is found dead in a motel room. we speak to the victim's mother this morning. >>> swept away as thousands watch huge waves knock over sightseers on the coast. a father and daughter swept out to sea. we're live on the coast of maine with the first responders. >>> the bahamas obamas begin their vacation. the republicans on the offensive and the head of the party is here live. >>> and honey, i hit a plane? imagine being the driver of one of these cars calling home to imagine being the driver of one of these cars calling home to explain this. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> welcome to a new week. diane sawyer with chris cuomo on this monday, august 24th. robin is off. there were fast-moving developments in the model murder investigation. >> the suspect police believe responsible for jasmine fiore's death is ryan jenkins. you see him pictured there. he was found dead in a motel room apparently a suicide.
.org for information about upcoming guests. >> we're at the 2009 bookexpo america booksellers convention in new york city. we're here with johnny temple, a publisher. do you want to tell us what you have coming out this fall? >> this fall one of the books we're most excited about is a graphic novel by the great black filmmaker melvin van pebbles. it will be simultaneous with our publication of the book and he is the godfather of the black exploitation movement. and we're working with activist mike farrell who is best known of the role on the b.j. honeycutt mash one of the great tv shows of all time. and this is a road -- it's a road book, a road memoir, a travel memoir and we're putting him back on the road and we're keeping him busy. >> how long have you been publishing books? >> we've been publishing since 1997. we publish literary fiction is the heart and soul of the company. we publish -- we have a sort of outsider sensibility, though, some of our books are quite popular. but our books are often sort of provocative in one way or the other and we do a little bit nonfiction as well, political nonf
that you can say that in north america could repel this kind of attack. we do not have that yet. >> there is a lot of talk on this topic on the hill. jim, i think you have been there for quite a bit of it. i know there is a lot of talk about self regulation to some degree. there is a lot of organizations that regulate how they handle their security. is that the right approach? is self regulation a key factor? is that the approach to take for ensuring security across different markets? >> the way i think about this is that the model that we want to take as goldilocks. i will explain why it is a good model. why do european companies do badly? they are overtaxed and overregulated. they do not want to be in the box. at the wrong kinds of regulation are too much regulation and then on the other hand, there is the fate based approach which lets everyone do their own plan. if you want a historical example, you can read a novel called "the stockyards." i have a song from chicago on how you make sausages. so, you have to hot and 2: goldilocks would tell you to go for the one in the middl
that impacted me and my family and everybody else in america because that was write-up to the time i finished by teeing the book and taking the notes. . . congressional correspondent for the presents a history of drug use and culture in the united states including opium in new york in the 19th century, drug experimentation in the 1960's and the debates about the legalization of marijuana. he explains why certain trucks popular at certain times in history and gives his thoughts on the government's war on drugs. back pages books in massachusetts holds this event. it lasts about an hour. >> i'm constantly asking myself what is the point of the reading and how we make the idea of an author talk or reading sound less boring and the issue is so few of us have the time in a date to peace these things together six hinckley and brilliantly and watching ryan talk about something as boring as government policy but how it really represented something on a map, a shift in how drugs mover of this country and with their related to in terms of what we need and what we use, what we desire a
with a nuclear option. i think that america is against it. people in town hall meetings have the right to organize just like the left. host: this is an op-ed piece from "the new york times" this morning. "the legal america -- american needs to prepare for an early iraq exit. america's legal relationship with iraq is falling apart. nouri al maliki has announced a referendum next january on the agreement governs u.s. military operations. under the terms, military troops will have to leave the country in january, 2011, nearly one year earlier than planned." lisa, independent line. caller: i feel the same way as that person before who said that we should get out of afghanistan. we should learn from the russians. there is nothing that we can really do in that country. we are just wasting our lives. that is all a half to say. host: democratic line, minnesota. u.s. actions -- u.s. options in afghanistan? caller: we have got to leave. we are doing the same thing we did in iraq, playing these games that look like we are there to protect them. my bottom line is that we talked about spending mone
, i have them. huh. the new lightweight hp mini netbook with windows and america's largest and most-reliable 3g network built in. only 199.99 with mobile broadband plans from 39.99 i am-- speechless, envious. wanna be me right now. getting one. >> i would like to see michelle also and the children and the dog. >> welcome back live. this is buddy not cashing in on the president's visit. he's very well known local fisherman who needs help from the white house and i understand he's gotten charles ogle tree the prominent harvard lawyer to intervene to try to arrange a meeting between buddy and the president. give me a summary of what it has to do with? ch commercial fisherman putting the real fisherman out of business with scooping up everything with the big nests. >> it is bothering the whole ecosystem is the fisherman taking ought of the four inch fish back the herring and florence fish the big fish won't come here oochlt oop won't come because there's nothing to eat. >> i would like to invite you to go out with your film crew to see the devastation done by these 2-300 foot factory sh
was a health-conscious not and was jogging before america since it took it up used to be a kick boxer and would compete even had a few trips to the united states to compete. he was jogging on the beach in a remote work station remote part of the area where he was a scuba diving instructor and he was just married he jumped over a bail as nazi bessie was he thought what is a doing in the bahamas? then he looked around and then there were more, a total of 40 and he drove rather excitedly to the one policemen who is a big black gentleman he called the sarge they used to shoot pool and play dominoes he said there's all this marijuana floating upon short it is still there the first thing that sergeant said you know, anybody that might want to buy it? that just shows you if you call the corruption that there was in those days it ended up with the prime minister many years later they tried to oust him from office excepting -- saying he was accepting money fit in the bohemia so there's a lot of collaboration with the islanders. jimmy ended up selling of bails it turned out to be high grade:b and we'd 21
safety right here in america. >> christian contemporary stars point of grace will be here to perform a beautiful song about the relationships between fathers and daughters. >> there have been great moments in sports history. when athletes guaranteed something. do you remember the legendary story of babe ruth pointing toward center field, promising he would hit a home run, and he did? or when new york jets cornerback joe namath stunned the sports world with this guarantee that the jets would beat the baltimore colts in the super bowl. super bowl iii. of course it doesn't always work out like a storybook. in the 2000 nba playoffs, your next-door after doing guaranteed his team would beat the indiana pacers in game six and keep their season alive. ewing missed his last six shots and the pacers won the game and the series. >> this week, president obama pointed his bat at the congress. and he gave it residential guarantee. >> i guarantee you, joe, we're going to get healthcare reform done. speed can the challenge for the president is that office talk of reforming healthcare or is it refor
not have cancer. >>> bank of america will pay $150 million to settle a class action suit involving the sale of bonds and preferred stock by its merrill lynch unit. that's "news now." i'm julia boorstin. >>> there's a live picture of the floor of the new york stock exchange. monday afternoon on wall street as we enter the final stretch with the market giving up much of an earlier rally. hi, everybody. welcome to "the closing bell." i'm maria bartiromo on the floor of the new york stock exchange. you've got oil prices at ten-month highs right now. the stock market actually earlier today briefly was in the territory to make new highs for the day. that reversed course as financials really took down the market. we have a mixed performance within the financials, and that is one of the reasons that this market is coming off of the best levels of the afternoon. take a look at where we are as i bring in bob pisani here, our eye on the floor of the nyse. bob, we've got the dow jones industrial average. close but no cigar. holding on to that 9,500 level but only up about 5 3/4. >> we have peo
time this past week and why israel's security is crucial to our own safety right here in america. and christian contemporary stars point of grace will be here to perform a beautiful song about the relationships between fathers and daughters. well, you know, there have been some great moments in sports history when athletes guaranteed something. you remember the legendary story of babe ruth pointing towards center field, promising that he hit a home run. and he did. or when new york jets quarterback joe name mute stunned at super bowl three. it doesn't always work out like a story book. in the playoffs, patrick ewing guaranteed his team would beat the indiana pacers and keep the season alive. ewing missed his last six shots and the pacers won the game and the series. well, this week, president obama pointed his bat at the congress and he gave a presidential guarantee. . >> i guarantee you, joe, we are going to get health care reform done. >> well, the challenge for the president is that all this talk about reforming health care, or is it reforming health insurance? anyway, it's pr
it resulted in a loss of good will to america. the conservative party fully supports the foreign policy initiatives so far enacted by the obama administration. we are ready to work with our counterparts in washington. central to that work and the single most urgent priority in foreign policy when we come to government would be the american british and wider nato commitment in afghanistan. the conservative party supports the deployment of our armed forces in afghanistan. let me be clear that we are not in afghanistan to, for that country, but to bring about a situation where afghans can provide for their own security and livelihoods of not present a danger to the rest of the world. in consequence, we believe our political objective in afghanistan should be tightly drawn and regularly reviewed and that ever greater priority needs to be attached to the role of the afghan forces. currently only 10% of them are deployed in helmand, even though 40% of the fighting is there. nato forces cannot be in afghanistan for ever, but the acceleration of the training and buildup of the afghan army and o
homeless. >>> now here's a look at other stories making news "early today" in america. >>> florida police on a man hunt got a little help from a kranl yous local resident. a dui suspect was trying to escape from authorities on foot but a home owner tackled the man in his yard. the brave resident who was formerly a bouncer flagged him down and waved to helicopters. >>> a bizarre freeway accident in california involved three cars and a plane. this was almost unbelievable. the small plane ran out of fuel and was forced to make an emergency landing on the highway. three cars ended up hitting that plane. neither the two passengers in the plane nor anyone in the cars were injured. >>> elsewhere in california, one dog in san diego may be head and shoulders above the rest. a massive great dane appears to be the world's tallest dog, standing 3'6" inches, up to his shoulders. the aptly named titan measures one inch taller than the record holder who recently died. >>> in los angeles, a very tall order for dumplings as competitors faced off to see who could devour the most. part of the annual japanes
-span funded, america's cable companies created c-span as a public service, a private business initiative, no government mandate, no government money. . . >> you have the foreign secretary and the labour -- in the labour government, and a shadow foreign secretary and the conservative party. dollars british of butter is expected to go to the polls next spring, and the most recent polls ofshow that the conservative party has the lead. >> particularly for the commitment and eggs -- and afghanistan and iraq. that said, the positions of the two parties have not been hugely different. on both sides -- sides of the political divide, what you will see is a much greater degree of caution about taking on major overseas military commitments. that opinion is taking on major commitments for afghanistan and iraq at the same time, it has put enormous strain on the british armed forces. and then coming ahead, is the pressure is -- you see pressures on cuts in public spending. the public was to seek financing pact under control. the deficit has absolutely blown because of measures taken trying to end the
in your old cars in america is coming to an end. >> is coming to an end today. it was extremely popular. the question is, has been successful? they car companies will say yes. there's certainly some good news there. and of course, the 1500 gm workers who had been laid off, but were reinstated. they will say it was also successful. a couple of concerns and criticisms. some dealers will say they did not have an of cars in stock during this program. and there are concerns that a scheme like this unofficially insulates numbers. they worry that it takes away from future sales. the big question now, will the u.s. government reinstates some kind of program? >> thank you. the leaders of 10 african countries are meeting in ethiopia trying to forge a united position on climate change. they have a strong reason to do so. the african continent contributes least, but is expected to suffer the most to climate change. african nations are hoping this will push the world's biggest economies will take steps to curb emissions. >> on a pre river in a beautiful river of africa, a drought is fighting hard. t
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netbook with windows and america's largest and most-reliable 3g network built in. only 199.99 with mobile broadband plans from 39.99 i am-- speechless, envious. wanna be me right now. getting one. come on. good girl.] mollie's never looked better. i really was amazed to see the change in her coat. people stop us when we're walking, and they'll say, "did you shine up her spots?" [ woman announcing ] just another way purina one... unlocks the brilliance of nature... to transform the life of your dog. for us to see the difference in mollie-- we were really excited about it. it just makes you feel wonderful. [ announcer ] it's amazing what one can do. brian: cash for clunkers comes to a screeching halt tonight at 8:00. if the government couldn't run cash for clunkers how could we expect them to run health care? >>no aubrey -- aubrey, do you term cash for clunker as success? >> absolutely. i think most people do. it's been an incredible success. more than anyone could imagine. i'm sorry they are not continuing it. but i think it's been great. manufacturing cars have increased. people have gone
mean, 20% of the people in america don't have health insurance. it's a major impediment to people starting small businesses because they remain with these very large companies and won't go out on their own. entrepreneurship is not going to come from the private sector. it's going to come from the government nationalizing our health insurance system. david: that 20% figure is pretty high even if you believe the 47 million figure. >> absolutely. look. half the people without insurance right now could get it if they so wanted it. what we're talking about is overhauling the entire system for the sake of less than 1% of the people in the country. so, you know, 1% to 10%. it's an argument i think that is won by the private market. david: quentin hardy has been mulling all this over. he has put it together. go ahead, quentin. >> how much waste and fraud is there in the private sector, in the insurance industry among private hospitals in america. >> lots. >> when you talk about it in medicare, you really do need to have some kind of standard against how the private sector is performing. n
evidented by images like the from abu ghraib and allegations that grossly undermined america's moral authority. the president is on holiday tonight with his fily. his admistration is haunted b thctivities of thec.i.a. he said hwants to look forward, not back. but today, it became much harder for him to lay the torture queson to rest. he long, bitter row about inrrogation techniques is already unr way, fueled by the details we're gtting in that newly declassified c.i.a. report. the document ss, for example, thatne interrogator thatened khalid sheik muhmad that if any oth attacks happenedn the united stas, "we're going to kill your children." >> philipa and adam lynn in waington. it's beenrevealed pop st michael jason's death was caused by thal vels of the por anesthetic prpofol. e los angeles coroner's findin have been madeublic in crt documen. the singer diedwo months ago at the age of . he had suffered cardiac arrest at his he in l.a. his doctor, dr. nrad murray has been interviewed twice by police but has not been med as an officiasuspect. eculation about this drug has been around
the price will trade at with growing demand. and what that means to all of us in america is that you're buying natural gas for equivalent to about anyway from $30 to $42 a barrel of oil. i think any of us tomorrow would take any substance that could promise us less than $45 a barrel and use it as broadly as we could, both in electric generation and in our cars. i'm driving a compressed natural gas vehicle. i have done it for over a decade. i know the supply is there. i love the price. i love the environmental impacts. >> jim, one of the things that i read, and i found it actually hard to believe, but maybe you can confirm it -- we're going to be a net exporter of natural gas? >> possibly. in fact, as you know, similar to the big shale plays up in canada, they're looking at actually engaging in a liquefied natural gas project to export out of the alaskan peninsula or on the west coast of canada. others have talked about turning around the regasification facilities we have for ong coming into this country and actually exporting out of those facilities into ships. >> well, mind my sayin
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, why medical experts are looking to australia for news on how to combat swine flu in america. that's coming up next, only on "the call." ♪ yes, you're lovely... ♪ what do you think? hey, why don't we use our points from chase sapphire and take a break? we can't. sure, we can. the points don't expire... ♪ there is nothing for me... ♪ there's no travel restrictions... we could leave tomorrow. we can't use them for a vacation. you can use the points for just about anything. i know... ♪ the way you look tonight ♪ chase what matters. get your new chase sapphire card at >>> take a look at crude oil today trading higher along with the rest of the stocks, up about 70 cents, 7459, look at natural gas, been on a tear there you can see is up another 2 1/3rd today. it is $3, i remember when it was above 15. >>> americans prepare for the cold months ahead many wonder if the swine flu and springtime scare will reappear in force this fall. sometimes you get an idea what is coming by looking abroad. australia is still battling the disease at the end of their winter
. it gradually did come into the caribbean from south america. jimmy said they were an entirely different smuggler and a marijuana smuggler he'd been accustomed to. they never had gone on their boats. they were a group of guys -- >> amine merrill smugglers? >> guest: jeneane specific told me that. it wasn't a dangerous game back and even though they were dealing with a cartel one in particular in colombia but with regard to the cocaine traffickers jimmy said that changed everything completely and i think it did with the dea, too. they lost to agents, one was assassinated in columbia, i covered that case in mexico in 1985i went down with the attorney general and head of the dea on the same plane. sightseeing the dangerous side of it. jimmy saw the danger site. he hated the cocaine traffickers and what not as bad now. marijuana i point out in the book and want to make this point why do all its citizens partake in allowing the trafficking to take place and indeed participate because as you will read in the book in the hilarious stories and i'd kick some of the better ones of a stack that all
are in the fdic's gun? and the president and ceo of the independent community bankers of america at 7:15 a.m. >> dick bove expects the fdic to levy special assessments to shore up investment funds. >> dow jones sounding out potential buyers for its stock market business, which includes the most recognizable index, the dow jones industrial average. they said the process is in the early stages and could lead to a jv or nothing at all. one contender could be smci. the index business could be worth $700 million if you take the revenues others have traded for. all part of murdoch's news empire. losses haven't been so great. he's written down most of the purchase price for dow jones. >> whoever buys it has the right on rename the dow jones. >> that would be something if they renamed it something else. or if they decided it's so  ingrained in people's minds. >> we had one of the best lines when e.f. hutton talks, people listen. the company has been going for 20 years. >> the market rally. look at some of the events this week that may move the markets. $100 billion in treasury auctions. on the ec
ohosted by the american -- america'sñr choice traded this is from earlier this month. >> i want to thank you very much for taking time out of your extremely busy schedule to come to what we think is a very important event. getting ready for schools to open is very important and your commitment to your -- to education is easily seen by your attendance here. we have all been placed in our seats right at the time we need to transform public education and what is the center on our plate is to make sure that happens and that we do not fail our kids because the task ahead for them in this global economy is very different from the past. america's choice and act has been holding a series of symposiums to push us forward and make sure that we're being attentive to the right work, that we are taking a close look at what some of our high performance countries are doing and making sure that students in this fine country will be able to compete well with them. this is the third in a series and over the next day and half will be focusing in on the practical solutions that are needed to make sure that
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anything else. jon: it is nice to have a happy ending. a blunt warning from the pentagon. america's top military commander says that the situation on the ground is going down hill there. president obama has ordered 68,000 american troops in afghanistan by the end of the year. he will face a difficult political choices commanders ask for more troops to try to keep the taliban in check. the taliban is getting stronger according to admiral mike mullen. that is harder for the security situation to get under control. >> the taliban insurgency has gotten more sophisticated. jon: joining us now is the director of communications for the center for defense studies. we have been sending all of these extra troops to the -- to afghanistan. the obama administration asked for additional troops. how can this situation be getting worse? >> i think that is an overstatement i think the brakes have been put on. let's look at the recent success of the election in afghanistan. jon: you disagree with what the chairman of the joint chiefs said? >> i think we have had some successes. he is talking about long-t
leaders and pro-life worriers could not take a break while america is in such desperate need of health care. we support health-care for all americans. indeed, we want to make sure that they have the best, that each of us has the best health-care possible, and that includes our tiniest, our weakest, our in firm and our elderly. therefore, you will hear from several of us today, not raising argumentative voices, but raising voices of hope. my uncle, dr. martin luther king jr. once said that he had a dream, that all americans would serve the beloved community. he wanted protestants and catholics and gentiles and jews to join together in an age old spiritual, free at last. we are here today to inside republicans and democrats alike to joined the choir. let's surf america, from the youngest to the most mature with good health care. we have some speakers who are going to speak to you briefly today because we thank you for coming and we know your time is very important, so we have dr. donna harrison, mrs. garden and faster dean nelson, they will come to you first. dr. harrison. and pastor nel
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of autism. >>> you're washing america's news headquarters. i'm lauren sivan. a swimmer in florida and a 7-year-old girl in maine are both dead after rough tides fueled by hurricane bill swept them out to sea. in maine, the young girl along with 20 others were watching the high surf when a whole group was suddenly swept away by a giant wave. take a look at the video. the coast guard pulled everyone out and many of the victims suffered broken bones after being slammed into rocks. hurricane bill never came into u.s. shores but rough waters fueled by the storms is blamed for the two deaths. >>> the chairman of the joint chief of staff now saying that the situation in afghanistan is "serious and deteriorating." the warning coming as the top commander in afghanistan assesses what is needed to win the war.wahing military officials think he will ask president obama for an additional 20,000 troops. s channel. >> it is being orchestrated it is a game and people who pay attention know that away in which the new york state senate was written that we are not in the post racial period. the reality is t
. >>> dying of cancer. reports that one of the most reviled men in america bernie madoff could have just months to live. >>> don't look up. hotel guests who are getting more than a room with a view. is that crossing the line? all now on the big picture. >>> good afternoon, everybody. good afternoon, tamarin. i'm davidtiaster live in washington. >> david, we begin with the breaking news, attorney general eric holder has named a special prosecutor to determine whether bush era cia officials broke the law in their treatment of terror suspects and the job will go to federal prosecutor, his name is john durham and the cia just released a long-awaited report on the agency's past interrogation tactics. our team of experts right now pouring over, literally, thousands of pages of documents, but we do know the reports said that interrogators threatened to kill the children of one of the 9/11 suspects. in a message to cia staff director leon panetta wrote the use of enhanced interrogation techniques begun when our country was responding to the horrors of september 11th ended in january. for the cia
the values that america stands for by ignoring those same values when it fits our needs. we've got a contrasting viewpoint from the right one, who watches the show regularly. he says haven't heard anything that upsets me about our cia. not even when you try to sensationalize it. my thanks to both of you for your comments. >>> now this. this is a story that tops anything that you can see on reality television. it came to an abrupt end in a canadian motel room, where staff members found the body of ryan jenkins. he's the former reality show contestant accused of the brutal murder of his wife, jasmine fiore, a california swimsuit model. >> hanging from a belt from a coat rack. that was it. death is not a pretty scene. >> they're calling this one an apparent suicide but discovering the body doesn't quite close the case. the motel manager says jenkins had been staying at the motel since friday when he was dropped off by a young blond woman. police are still trying to figure out who that woman was and whether she knows anything about this crime. we'll be following it for you. >>> when we
on his notes on south america and i can see he's trying to explain what's going on. there's a number at 1858 and at the bottom of the page he's trying to show where the different rock types exist in the strata. he's a little nervous about his drawing ability and he said this is not really an exact representation of nature. this is schematic. but you can see him trained -- that his training, brief though it was, was excellent. so all the specimens he came back with are pretty useable because we know where they're from. they're alli.erq)e's an example of labeling. this is a rock, that's the bottom word. that's a superficial deposit in pampas. and there's a piece of brown paper written in ink and he wrapped the -- the specimens, the samples, in this paper and then put it all in his collecting bag. today geologists tend to use plastic bags, ziploc bags we use for leftovers. but they work perfectly well and they're cheap. no plastics in those days so they used paper. here's another example of a rock specimen, 1079 with a labor quartz rock of falkans rock and he collected some black volume
. >> the lpga tour is often krit sdiezed for unemotional play. hoping change that this week, america versus europe. the u.s. was trailing in most matches. the fire came life. playing to the dpalryes all week. the feel for her in the cup. 16-12. the tradition and fourth major of the year. a great showing. tied for fifth. never a major on the junior sir cut. back to the 18. a playoff to mike read. staying high left. a 12 footer for the victory. >> now a major champion for the second time. >> across championships, 9 title was decided. men come to baltimore each year. left to host brian reece, top seed facing toronto nationals. no chance to run on the third quarter. mike ward with some help. a shot on the break. fourth quarter to toronto. a huge defensive break down. wide open to tie at nine. that's a look at sports. stay with us for more >> really nice weather the next few days. >> thanks for joining us. >> thanks for joining us. have a good night. geico's been saving people money on car insurance for over 70 years. and who doesn't want value for their dollar? been true since the day i made my
-time worker in america today is only working 33 hours. and as i said before ron joined us, we have 30-plus million unemployed or effectively unemployed people today. so sure, there are green shoots. but i don't think these are green shoots, maria or ron, that are going to likely turn into redwood trees. >> it's interesting, maria. if you go back and read the excerpts from the newspapers or magazines from the end of the 1980 to '82 recession, and this one is just about as long as that one. we heard all the same things. banks were going to crash and continue to crash. we wouldn't get any jobs coming out of this recession, it would be very slow, tenuous at best, and that the mont ru stimulus wasn't going to work. we've heard that at the ebbed of eve every recession i've experienced both as a professional and an individual. and it turns out the government is more powerful than we think they are. if he they want the economy to turn and they put all the tools in to make it turn it will. there's a risk they pull back too fast, there's a risk the stock markets and commodity markets are correlated
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